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Phoenix, AZ 85071

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A Bit about Sharon

Meyer-Briggs, Psych Test: "ENTJ"  = a  Field Marshall

Personality: Humanitarian, compassionate, listener, analytical, logical, esoteric

Passions: Animal Safety/Protection...wild and domestic, Dancing

Heroes: My Dad, Ghandi, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Education:Just short of AA..  4.0

Accomplishment: Survival of many obstacles and losses

Good Fortune: I have met some fine interesting people who care.

Hobbies: Partner Dancing 4 + nights per week, flying

Past-time: Meerkat watching, swimming with dolphins

Food:  King Crab, Spinach salad, Creme Brulee

Wine: Riesling, Monchoff, 2004 (although I only have a sip... cannot dance & drink!)

Musician: Clapton (unplugged) and Mike Torres

Music: R&B, Motown,  contemporary & anything danceable

Movie: Unusual Suspects, Sneakers, Big Chill (many more)

Actor: James Spader, Johnny Depp

Books: 5 Love Languages,  Army at Dawn

Travel Desinations: France, Greece, UK, New Zealand, Africa, Victoria BC

Travel favorites: Hawaii, Yucatan Peninsula, Monterey

and Muir Woods. (of course!)


Sharon Muir has been called the “mother-of-invention” for the trend toward consciously-formulated bath & body products, the popularity of unique and true-to-nature fragrances, no animal testing concept, cruelty free cosmetics and recyclable packaging. Her retail stores spawned the myriad chains of Bath & Body Stores in virtually every shopping mall today.

Sharon began working in her mother’s salon in Middle America at the age of 8. This is where she first discovered two things: she has extremely fragile skin and an extraordinarily keen sense of smell. A third birth trait was nurtured by her father…she has a deep sense of humanitarianism, that more accurately is described as a supreme respect for all living creatures, and with the desire to conserve resources of the plant and animal kingdom.

At the age of 23, these aspects were realized through a vision of purpose. In seeking consciously formulated body care, Sharon met a chemist who made simple, gentle skin-care products for her. She decided to offer them to others and then to the public. Meanwhile, through self-teaching and experience, she developed her “nose” and researched natural essential oils and high-grade cosmetic fragrances.

This led to her pioneering the first national chain of “Bath & Body” stores in existence! She offered high-quality efficacious products that were either unscented or she custom-scented the products as her customers watched! In 1974, for clients, she began blending natural essential oils into custom inhalers, massage lotions, bath oils, and products for therapeutic effect.

The Mall Department store managers frequently called her “eccentric and idealistic” because she based the entire store on fragrances, Aromatherapy and bath and body products and also because she gave store credits when customers recycled their bottles. Her reasoning was to help reduce (in some small way) the mounds of refuse on the planet. There was never animal testing conducted with her products ~ Instead, Sharon’s was the skin on which the products were tested! Sharon’s expansion and message grew to 20 stores in 20 years with many other store “spin offs”.

During her decades of contributing generously to the now-in-vogue Fragrance/Bath and Body Care industry, she continued to delve into the history and profound efficacy of the use of natural essential oils…called the Art and Science of Aromatherapy. In 1992, she engaged in an intense, yearlong study course and became a Certified Aromatherapist through Edgar Cayce’s Foundation, the ARE Clinic.

Sharon now designs fragrances and aromatherapy for celebrities, casinos and large and small corporations. She assists Aromatherapy students in supplying the best essential oils for their study. She researches Essential Oils to import the finest from all over the world. She works with other researchers and world-renowned authors, continuing her education and experience with essential oils, which are known as the “life’s blood” of the plant world.

To her immense joy and honor, Sharon was asked to formulate a set of Sacred Chakra Essential Oil blends to correspond to each of the seven Chakras for the New York Times best selling author, Caroline Myss. The Ron Roth Ministry, (Celebrating Life), hired her to blend Fr. Ron’s Mystical Rose Healing Anointing Oil. Mandalay Bay Casino, Monte Carlo Casino, and Luxor Casino have all hired Sharon to formulate fragrance and toiletries for their stores. Sea World and Busch Gardens currently stock her fragrances and products. In 2006, she created 3 Celebrity Signature Fragrances for “The Girls Next Door”, the #1 TV program in the US and Europe on E! Entertainment Channel.

Sharon’s various humanitarian service includes: working with Aromatherapy Students, many holistic practitioners, some MD’s, RNs, those who treat seniors and Alzheimer’s patients, nurses dealing with pain clinics, hospital workers, many types of treatment centers and Hospice care-givers.

Sharon Muir can be contacted at 602-371-4676, P.O. Box 83266, Phoenix, AZ 85071.

AromaScenter@aol.com or www.Aromaterra.com